We always need tips! We need tips on places we may collect clothes. We need tips on potential partners who have contacts in Eastern Europe. We need tips about people who may need material assistance, preferably in Eastern Europe but also here in Norway. We need sponsors who can give us things they no longer need such as sporting goods, electronics, clothes etc. We also need donors who can be involved in the cost sharing it is to change the world. We also need tips on good projects that we can start, such as blanket collection, etc. We would also have tips if you come across sales and promotions that are too good to be true.The best tips each month will be rewarded with a prize made ​​by GUSK (hand-made knitted products, such as wrist warmers and leg warmers).

We are located in Oslo, but if you or someone you know, go with a dream to engage in something familiar like what we do, somewhere else in the country, it is possible we can work together. Please contact us if this is you!

One of the most important thing we’re looking for is people who can hand out supplies in the receiving countries, and not related to an organization, but that can work for us on a voluntary basis. In other words, a person who is already involved in Eastern Europe, but who would want to drop efforts to collect and preparematerials. In this way, the footprint be an organization that does not rely on others tohand over the collected material, but who can do the job from A to Z.