About us

We are an organization that wants to see a change in the world for the better. Our main goal is to help poor people in Eastern Europe, mainly in Moldova, so that they get good and worthy lives. Moldova is Europe’s poorest country, and according to the UN the only country with a medium HDI (human development index) in Europe. But there are also great needs in other Eastern European countries, so we want to help where the need is most precarious.
In addition, there are also people in Norway who have a hard time, including women and children in crisis 
centers. These are often completely destitute and in need of everything. From time to time we will also help the crisis centers that are located near Oslo with material gifts.
We want to help one by one! And when we do, the task is easier to face. But when we help one by one, there are also consequences for the local community around themIn this way, if we help a person, it can make a bigger difference. If everyone does something for their next, it will have ripple effects for the society as a whole.
Kindfeet will make the world better, step by step .. Will you join us?