The dream of starting Kindfeet came to me when I was pregnant with the youngestI thought this was way ahead. But I’ve been really thinking about what to do this fall, and then it suddenly dawned on me, 2011 is the year when Kindfeet start up.
There are some preparations for the creation of an organizationFortunately, we live in the hightechnological age, so all you need is often just a keystroke away. Kindfeet contacted the various authorities, sponsors, partners and all known and loved. Fortunately, we have facebook, twitter, email, SMS, telephoneand letters to help us with that.
But it will be an organization, how everything will be, I do not know yet. But it’s fun to see how the pieces fall into place and that things have also been arranged. So me and my accomlices start up in late August 2011! This is incredibly fun and I hope you join us on the team if you are interested in to «mark someone with kindness«!
Guro H. J. Larsen

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